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We are real traders making real money. We are accountable for our results. We trade and you can see the results for yourself as it happens. The proof of our ability and success is written all over this blog.

This service is recommended for intermediate level or aspiring traders who understand general trading principles and charting. We also regularly discuss long term investment strategies and preferred companies to buy into, as well as short term trading opportunities. 

Subscription options for first time subscribers:

1) One year, with subsequent one-year extension option

2) VIP Lifetime membership 

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Your support goes a long way towards ensuring that we can can continue providing quality content on this blog and our social media platforms.

Via Telegram, we will provide access to a private group (for general trading discussions) and a private broadcast channel (for immediate sharing of trading information). 

We are active all day long - before, during, and after market hours.

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1) View our active positions on Bursa Malaysia daily.

2) View our daily watchlist (the individual stocks/warrants that we are trading/observing). 
3) Stock alerts in real time, before they appear on our free Telegram Channel, or our Twitter page. 

4) Trader coaching and advice via our discussion group.

5) Guidance on trading strategies, charts and technicals, including proper entry and exit points,
setting up trade parameters and loss mitigation techniques.

6) Guidance on mid-to-long term stock investments. Have a stock in mind? We will advise you on the entry and exit points.

7) Guidance on picking the best company warrants, or index linked warrants (call and put).

8) Original market research and insights, combining fundamental & technical analysis, as well as price-volume analysis

10) Advice and recommendation on your own stock picks / research, and trading execution strategies.

11) Profit targets and loss management strategies.


1) Sure-win stock tips and promotion of stocks based on market rumours.

2) Insider information.
We are NOT in the business of offering direct stock recommendations. We will recommend names and sectors, but ultimately you will decide whether to trade them. 

The reason is simple : we will never front run our own positions against you for our benefit, unlike other chat groups that you encounter out there. While you may see our active positions, we do not wish to see yours. All trading decisions must be made at your own discretion.

We are also not in the business of spoon-feeding easy trading tips or following the lead of this syndicate or that star remisier. We will share with you all the tools, but if you just want stock names, please kindly look elsewhere.

We will also never share or propagate any material that would be construed as insider information. Insider trading is a serious offense under Section 188(2)(a) of the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 (CMSA). Any illegal activity will result in immediate expulsion from the trading group. 

This membership and trading advisory service are for educational purposes only. Members are to assume full responsibility and liability for all profits or losses incurred.

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