Last Update : 25 August 2020


Payment for the VIP membership subscription service is non-refundable .
Individual subscriptions are non-transferable to another party. 

The Subscription Payment is all inclusive and covers costs of marketing, distribution, content development, and other expenses related to the provision of market related information in the Telegram Group and Channel.

The Subscriber acknowledges and understand that the Subscription Payment is for services rendered by the Owners, which mainly constitutes the sharing of market related information and the Owners' personal market observations.

Fees for the VIP membership service may change at the discretion of the Owners.

The Owners reserve the right to share its insights in the Group and Channel in other mediums, including but not limited to, the Pelham Blue Fund Blog, the Pelham Blue Trading Channel, Twitter or Facebook accounts, after a reasonable amount of time as deemed fit. All efforts are made to ensure that Subscribers receive the information first as part of the Subscribers’ benefits.


All trading and capital markets related information shared in the Telegram Group and Channel must be construed as for educational purposes only.
The Subscriber acknowledges that all information provided in the Telegram Group and Channel do not constitute a buy call, or a solicitation to buy and sell securities.  
The Owners neither makes any representation nor gives warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in these channels. 

The Subscriber bears full responsibility for any profits, losses, and all trading actions or decisions made as a result of the market related information provided by the Owners. 
The Subscriber acknowledges and understands that short-term stocks trading is a high-risk activity which may lead to significant monetary losses.
The Owners bear no liability over trading losses incurred by the Subscriber as a result of any market information  that was provided. 
All market related information provided by the Owners are based on real time market observation and publicly available information only. 

The Owners do not condone or promote activities deemed to be illegal under Malaysia’s Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. This includes syndication, collusion, front running, spoofing, churning, and insider trading, among other practices.

The Owners do not, and will never, endorse or promote a 100% success rate or guaranteed profits for any market information that was provided. 


The Owners reserve the right to remove Subscribers in the event of :

1)   Communications consisting of violent, vulgar, racial, sexist, discriminatory, and other offensive sentiment towards Subscribers or Administrators.

2)   The sharing and propagation of what is perceived or construed to be insider trading information and other potentially illegal activity.

3)    Harrassment of other Subscribers in the chat group.

4)    Other grounds for expulsion as deemed fit by the Administrators/Owners.

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