Monday, 1 June 2020


Update, 5PM, 4 June 2020: The Pelham Blue Fund VIP Telegram Group is now closed to new subscribers.

From the Editor-in-Chief of The Pelham Blue Fund

To our Subscribers, and those who are interested to join, 

Let me get out the clichés first, though we are completely genuine in our sentiments : we continue to be humbled, astonished, and grateful for your support.

If you are reading this, you probably like us enough to follow us on Twitter, or follow our Facebook, or browse our blog from time to time. It still blows our minds that people are interested in what we do, having languished for years with a combined blog and social media audience of maybe around 15 people in the beginning.

I'm just a trader trying to make ends meet. I don't even dare to call myself a professional one, as the guru label brings me great distaste. But I know by now that we are extremely competent at what we do.

Our ideas hold real value. And I am confident enough to say that whoever subscribes to our services - especially at current prices - are getting an absolute bargain.

Our record speaks for itself. Our VIP members have witnessed us undertake trades that yielded 100%, in real time. Others yielded five figure profits in mere minutes. These are not flukes; sometimes we lose money on our trades, but the gains more than make up for them.

It is not just us who benefits. I have personally seen members make multiples of what they pay to subscribe. One was 20 times our fee. Another was 50 times. We dispense advice and make money (from our own calls, of course) fairly consistently.

I know exactly how much our ideas are worth, because we trade each and every one of them. I am confident that our members can also see that what we provide is completely unlike any Telegram or educational service that are available elsewhere.

There are no dodgy promotions. No weird penny stock pitches. No bullshit. Just pure trading. If you want guidance on trading, you have come to the right place.

The changes that we are instituting here is not about money. In fact, we are actively turning down new members and membership opportunities, for reasons that I will go into shortly.

It makes my day, on a deeply personal level, to see our VIP members make real money from trading - and all the better if it was the result of our specific trading guidance, rather than just following our trading calls.

While we are extremely grateful for our public presence, and this amazing community of our thoughtful VIP members and social media followers, we do not harbour aspirations of empire.

At the risk of sounding pretentious and self-absorbed, the money is not the reason I do all this. What I value most is knowledge, and independent thought. Trading is the culmination of this.

Most people look at money as the end outcome to trading. I look at it in the complete opposite way. It is money that is the means to an end. And that end is knowledge accumulation. 

My idea of wealth is in the things I get to know, discover, and learn, not the amount of money I have at the end of the day. What we learn, we share with you. That's what this Group is all about.

What I want to achieve - aside from sharing that knowledge with likeminded members of this Group - is to find ways not just to maintain our performance, but also the quality of our trading guidance.


But of course, this blog is all about money-making. Which is where we go back to our core principles.

In this line of work, the most money is made by maximising current resources to generate the most optimal output. For me it's three things - time, capital, and ideas.

With an ever larger number of subscribers, our capacity to dispense thoughtful advice diminishes. Out of respect to all our subscribers, we never miss a single question asked, unless if we had genuinely overlooked it.

It takes up a fair amount of our time and resources, on top of the personal trading, market research, and other things that we are working on simultaneously. All day, all night, all the time.

If the group grows to 10 times its current capacity, we will simply be unable to cope. Our chat group will be overloaded with chatter. Members may miss out on our replies (the way I sometimes miss out on the questions).

This is simply not what I want or desire out of this venture.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to grow this part of my business exponentially. We have mostly ceased our marketing efforts and let our results - and especially our members' results - speak for themselves.

We are done with trying to prove our capability as traders; aside from our VIP members, we have no one else to convince going forward.


At the same time, we are also facing some growing pains. We have recently discovered that many of our calls get leaked from the private Telegram Channel and Group and forwarded to others, diminishing the trade's potential in some cases.

In this regard, we count ourselves lucky that many of our insights have a finite shelf life. That day trading idea would be fully realised by the time word gets out, allowing us and our members to exit the trade before it gets flooded by new entrants.

While leaks - and to our dismay, non-paying individuals who continue to benefit from our trading ideas - are not something we can avoid, it is the consequence of having a growing profile.

What we can do, however, is to continue providing guidance and maintain the quality of our trading advice to our VIP members who have spent hard-earned funds for this access.

To ensure that we have adequate time and resources to address our members' queries and provide guidance that is worth the paying fee, we will limit the number of one-year VIP subscribers in the VIP Group to 300 members at all times. This total does not include our Lifetime members.

We are not there yet, which means some slots are still available for those who are keen to join us.

From this limitation, we expect a natural rate of attrition: in each month, there will be subscribers who opt to exit after their first year (or second) anniversary is up, which opens a slot for a new subscriber to join.

If you are keen to subscribe for the one-year option but slots are currently unavailable, you will be put into a waiting list. Subscriptions will be on a first come, first serve basis, and we will be in touch to offer you the next opening.

The only option that will be available at all times is Lifetime membership.

Indeed, the closest comparison for this structure is essentially a university semester. It reflects the limitation of our resources, and our priority to maintain high standards.

The VIP Telegram service should be seen as an educational platform, not a quick gateway to riches, because there is no such thing.

For our 300 subscribing members under the one-year option, we will be able to allocate enough of our capabilities to assist each and every one of you with trading guidance.

This is our commitment, and my personal promise.


Aside from Lifetime members, all new and existing subscribers are entitled to a maximum subscription period of two years. This includes the 1+1 subscribers or the few who (very astutely) paid for the two-year subscription when it was still offered.

At the same time, we will honour all existing obligations to our current subscribers, with no adjustments that would be detrimental to them. There are no changes to the subscription periods, or the level of service we currently offer. The pricing that you get is as stated in the email correspondence that you get.

In the current structure, 1+1 means the one-year option, plus the one year extension. This will continue.

After the second year is up, subscribers have the option of converting to Lifetime membership, or to conclude their subscription and exit.

As per our current policy, subscribers may also opt to convert to Lifetime membership after their one-year subscription is up. This does not change.

However, we note that the change in pricing for all subscription options - which affects new subscribers only - is subject to our complete discretion. What this means essentially is one thing: prices will change in the future.

As is always the case, those who subscribe to our services early, or convert to lifetime membership early, will always benefit more than those who subscribe later, purely on the basis of pricing.

For full disclosure, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.


I am also instituting a key change in our criteria for Lifetime membership.

From now on, acceptance to the Lifetime membership is at our complete discretion. I will personally vet applicants and their motives, intentions, and reasons for conversion.

We do not want our ideas to become a hub for some syndicate, insider trader or illegal money-making operation, hence the need for this. There are other chat groups or websites for that. Those who do not ascribe to our values and conditions are advised to look elsewhere.

We reserve the right to reject applications for Lifetime membership.


Here's the TL;DR version.

1) VIP Group limit : 300 members for the one-year subscribers' portion.

2) If no slots are available, there will be a waiting list.

3) Lifetime membership approvals is at our complete discretion.

4) We will honour all existing obligations  to our current subscribers, at no detriment to them, with no change in service provided.

Thanks for reading, and for being part of this investment journey with us.